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About Us

Play My Code! A great many people have at least one great game in them. And what those people want- often more than anything- is to get that game out and in front of the world. Problem is, today's game creation tools are somewhere between prohibitively complex and just plain flawed, and if they're not hopelessly broken then they're so "simple" (read: restrictive) that prospective game designers are effectively just filling in the gaps of someone else's unfinished game.

The emergence of the internet (and more pertinently, the browser as a gaming platform) has eased things to a point: one no longer has to spend shoe leather on trips to find reference materials, for one thing. But what one hand giveth, the other taketh away: are you ready for a world of browser inconsistencies, poorly-documented "frameworks" which take so much effort to set up that your game becomes the next Duke Nukem Forever, and untrustworthy, insecure plugins fabricated by out-of-touch corporations which might not even exist in a few years time?

Enter Play My Code

Play My Code is a complete, browser-based toolbox which will carry your gamedev dreams from inception to deployment. Need hosting for your game? We've got your back. Inexperienced with the fundamentals of writing games, or bored of writing pages of boilerplate before you can even begin coding? We've got that too: our easy-to-learn Quby scripting language and APIs mean that precise control methods, advanced graphical effects, audio handling and much more are but a line or two of code away. Don't fancy spending the next two years testing and debugging your game so it works consistently across half-a-dozen browsers? Let us do it for you- our compiler ensures your games run in blazing-fast native JavaScript, compatible with all modern HTML5-complient browsers regardless of host platform. Here comes the icing: any Play My Code game can be embedded on your website or blog, just like a YouTube video.

Play My Code is the product of two brothers: Joseph and Sebastian Lenton, otherwise known as maverick indie webdevs Studio Fortress. We wanted an easier, more convenient environment to create games with: a place where we could truly flex the muscles of our imaginations, while avoiding the lengthy, caffeine-fueled nights of hair-tearingly frustrating coding which we'd become both accustomed to, and sick of. And now that we've built it, we want you to want it too. We want you to love it. But most of all, we want to play that game- you know, the one you've got in your head right now. Yeah, that one! You'd best start now, we hate to be kept waiting.


Learning Quby, the language which powers PMC games, is pretty easy. A basic game can be knocked together within a few lines. If you're just starting out, then here's a few pointers on where to begin:

Get Involved!

Play My Code is of course still a work of progress- though a great deal of work has been done, what we have achieved so far is but the tip of the iceberg compared to what we have in store. We greatly appreciate any and all feedback that we receive from our users- do please let us know what you think.

Happy coding!