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Join Play My Code to begin building HTML5 games in your browser, right now. When you join, your saved projects will be listed here. You can also try the IDE without an account.

Play My Code Features...

Cloud-Based Game Development

  • Develop and play games in your browser, anywhere
  • Create and store code, graphics and sound online
  • Release your game to the world, with a single click
  • Embed any game onto your blog or website
  • Active support forum, if you get stuck

Easy to Learn - For Anyone

  • Games are written in Quby; a Ruby-like language which is easy to learn, even if you've never coded before
  • Code compiles to native, blazing-fast JavaScript
  • View or fork other people's code, to see how it works
  • Full documentation available

Fully-Featured Code Editor

  • Build and test your games, right in the browser
  • Quick, easy upload of assets & resources
  • Debug and profile using the error console
  • Documentation built into the editor
  • Syntax highlighting & very large file support

Create & Edit Assets

  • Includes SkyBrush - a powerful graphics editor
  • Create & save graphics, or edit ones you've uploaded
  • Includes a complete set of painting tools including brushes, shapes, zoom, undo/redo and more
  • Fully-featured palette, including alpha level control