For checking if a key has been released, on this frame.


Returns true if any key is released on this frame.

.isKeyReleased( key )

Given the name of a key, this will return true if it has been released on this frame. Otherwise it will return false.

The key can be a string, such as 'a' or 'up', or a symbol, such as :b or :down.

if getControls().isKeyReleased( :up )
    // user let go of the up key
else if getControls().isKeyReleased( 'down' )
    // user let go of the down key

.isKeyReleased( [ keys ] )

The same, only you can also pass in an array of keys to check. If any of those are released, then this will return true.

if getControls().isKeyReleased( [ :up, :w ] )
    // user let go of the up key
else if getControls().isKeyReleased( [ 'down', 's' )
    // user let go of the down key

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