This allows you to fill custom shapes, on this Image. This includes triangles, quadrilaterals, or something much more complex.

Depending on which function your using, the points can be provided in 1 or 2 arrays, and can be translated along the x and y axis.

.fillPolygon( points )

Draws a filled polygon using the points given. The 'points' array is presumed to be an array of numbers, in the order of x, y, x, y, x, y, and so on.

.fillPolygon( points, x, y )

Fills a polygon, in the same way as the previous 'fillPolygon' function, but when drawn it is translated by the x and y values given.

.fillPolygon( xs, ys )

This version of 'fillPolygon' takes separate arrays for the x and y values.

.fillPolygon( xs, ys, x, y )

Takes separate arrays for the x and y points of the polygon, and allows you to translate it by the 'x' and 'y' values given.