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my games ,mlg,hacked

It started when I had Kant did boosters to the game and noticed an account then I noticed that you can copy and so it began

Updated Mon Aug 1, 11:01

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I need gaming and code partners

Pls help me if ur interested msg me or commont

Updated Fri Jul 29, 22:09

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Looking For New Team Members

Looking For New Members In Our Team, Fee Free, We Pay For All The Equiptment Everything

Updated Mon Jul 4, 22:30

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Assistance Needed

How do I make a grilled cheese?

Updated Mon Jul 4, 9:14

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Gif Help

I've been trying to make my .gif files move but they won't once they're printed to the screen, any help?

Updated Tue Jun 21, 12:49

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How to convert Ascii Code to Character? eg. 97 to 'a'

How to convert Ascii Code to Character? eg. 97 to 'a'

Updated Sat Jun 18, 20:28

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Sound Asset Length Bug! The second song appears to have a length of 6:39 minutes, but it's really only 2:30 minutes long, and the song only plays for 2:30 minutes when I do, so I'... (read more)

Updated Mon Jun 6, 18:37

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How do i make my image turn into a background???!?!?!?

whats the code to set an image as a background this doesnt work... (read more)

Updated Fri Jun 3, 4:32

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Unblocked Games

Unblocked games pro is the best website of games online. We have the last and best unblocked games online. And you can share with your friends at school or at home, your best free and fun unblocked games.

Updated Mon May 23, 16:09

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How could I make a battle scene?

I'm trying to make a small scale Pokémon game on PMC and I need to figure out how to create the encounters with wild Pokémon. Any ideas?

Updated Wed May 18, 22:15

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How does one construct an image that is a circle?

I'm trying to declare a circle image but I don't see a function that does this for you. Is it something that you must do yourself or am I missing something obvious?

Updated Wed May 18, 18:21

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Building Game Space Ops I (Help Needed)

Welcome if you want to help just msg me i recently learnt coding and got inspired by asteroids also if you wanna help just ask and it is inspired by Asteroids but i need help

Updated Tue May 17, 19:01

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How do I make a class-scope variable?

I've scanned the reference page like 9 unvigintillion times trying to find class-scope variables but I can't find them! I really need one for a space invaders game I'm trying to make.

Updated Mon May 2, 3:30

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If I'm bored one day and I feel like it... I MIGHT make a PMC bot.

It would be made with NODE.JS. It wouldn't have much purpose really (which is why this is a maybe), but if I'm in the modd and really bored, I could do it. And I'm sure I'll think of some use for it by the time it gets finished (if it does)...

Updated Sat Apr 30, 4:25

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Major updates to Basecode!

This new game has a MUCH better parser than the other one, and has a lexer, which the other version didn't (it just looked at string[x] or string[y] to find commands and args). Look below for links!... (read more)

Updated Sat Apr 30, 1:04

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Experimental game in which you can type in code! #CodeCeptionLol this is a language we call "Base Code"... so far a whopping THREE commands exist!!! How amazing!!!

Updated Wed Apr 27, 3:46

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We discovered a serious PMC glitch by accident!

This is hilarious: We have no idea how we did this, jonathan just forked Intergalactic Warfare and added random code and that happened!

Updated Wed Apr 13, 22:15

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hello guys, i'm trying to do a particle class but is not working correctly if someone an made a explanation about particles.... (read more)

Updated Tue Apr 12, 22:46

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