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Free Music Resource

Hi everyone, I've got a site up with free music and soundscapes that you can use in commercial projects as well as non-commercial ones. It's all original...all my own stuff. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage. I sincerely hope the site is helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Thanks, Eric

Mon Aug 11, 21:13


THANK YOU. I have been waiting for an artist to respond to my request to use their music for a game I want to use soon but they haven't responded. Unless they respond I'll use this. Thanks so much.

Tue Aug 12, 16:49


You're very welcome. If you do use my work, please send me a link to your game. I love to see how creative people are using my music. Thanks, Eric

Wed Aug 13, 3:31


Hi everyone, I've created a bunch of new tracks and uploaded them onto the following pages: Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi/Space Nature/Science Urban I hope they are useful. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks, Eric

Fri Aug 15, 21:20


How about some more RPG? I'm using them for my RPG. I'd like a track for when you're just walking around in the wild, and one for fighting monsters, please. :D

Sat Aug 16, 16:26


Hey Mark, Nice to hear my music on your title screen. :-) If you want some custom tracks created, I'd be more than happy to do so for a donation. Please email me the details. Eric

Sat Aug 16, 19:07


TexCraft is published! Thanks Eric for your contribution. I included 6 of your tracks. But instead of having a credits screen (the game has no menu or end), every time a track plays, you see "-Playing '<track name>' by Eric Matyas-". See how that looks in-game and tell me if it is sufficient.

Fri Aug 22, 18:34


Hi everyone, New tracks await you on the following pages: Fantasy Sci-Fi/Space Quiet/Peaceful/Mellow I hope they are useful. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks, Eric

Sat Aug 23, 4:16


Eric have you checked out how I've credited you yet/is it okay?

Mon Aug 25, 3:14


Hi, I just checked out TextCraft. The way you credited me is great...but you also need to include my site: I'm glad you found some tracks that work! All the best, Eric

Tue Aug 26, 16:39