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The Documentation Thread

You may have noticed we've overhauled our documentation- the docs section itself now contains an ordered reference to Quby language features and the PMC API (with examples), whilst more excitingly we now have in-IDE documentation available at the click of a button so you can consult the docs without having to move away from your work. We'd like to know what people think of the new docs system, and how we could improve it (we're particularly interested in making PMC as accessible and easy-to-learn as possible). Also, please point out any mistakes, omissions or non-working examples you might find. Do bear in mind, we've only got the Reference section of the docs complete at this stage- we're currently working on producing an additional section containing more general guides and tutorials. Let us know what you think, anyway.

Thu Sep 29, 11:15


Very, very nice! I think Joe said he was looking at adding a hot-key for the currently-selected word in the editor. Is that going to be in the next update?

Sat Oct 1, 15:46


I think what I actually said is that it would be a very cool idea. In practice, it would take a lot of work to get it working well, and get it to work right. The main issue is that all of our docs stored as static files, which would make searching them much more difficult (but it does make them get served as fast as possible, and takes advantage of user caching). But seeing as there is real interest in this, I will look into building it.

Mon Oct 3, 3:02


Ifs need a little more documentation. It doesn't say how to do "and" or "or" or "not equal to", but other than that it's awsome

Mon Oct 10, 20:54



This needs better explaining, and there also needs to be a section listing all of the operators. This information will be added in the next release.

Tue Oct 11, 1:34