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@ Toratha and Marks pawn & BBHR

HELLO: I have a idea that is to much for me. I do graphics and audio. Cheap tricks. THE IDEA: "Rosetta Code" A translation tool the lists all the lines from reference as they are found in Quby, clickable. When clicked displays text listing it's usable nearest line in Java. Eventually : c++, Python, Slick, whatever. Knowledge I do not have is required for instance a good concept of other languages. REASONS: This tool will help all young programmers and should become a must for child academics in years to come. so I guess I'm throwing it out there for you . If it doesn't already exist. Please hit me up with a shout out in the code. "Concept contributions include: " John L. Hammes" "or something neat like that. Thank you for reading sincerely: Johny Laz

9 months ago


johnnylaz theres pretty much no hope for this site. At this point all bbhr does is post random stupid meme games, we really don't care about pmc anymore unless it were to come back to life somehow. The concept of it is really cool though, and im kind of in the middle of making a replacement site rn (but right now i have better things to do like run bfbb any% and compose music). The site may be done by late august, depending on how sidetracked i get. But as for this site, it's been over. there have been traces of activity here and there but it doesn't appear that pmc is ever going to change again.

8 months ago


I made my own programming language

and that's mostly what I'm up to these days I only use PMC for prototyping games to later port them to Slick2D

8 months ago


Right on ... well I'll keep swinging in.

I've been writing music and working on this: But I like this site a lot I hope it pulls a Lazarus and comes back.

8 months ago