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A Fork in the road.

MY BAD: Guilty as charged in my first months of coding. I would fork a game and only change the assets. I had reasoned that the asset changes I had done made the game different. The changes in fact changed the pliability and goal of the game. I still think it was rude in hind site. Ex. A fork of Jazz Hands by Igsnort made into Guitar Hero. ( I'll let you be the judge) ON FORKING: I say never publish a forked game unless you have added a line, replaced a line or taken lines away. PROBLEM: So many forks out there of Flappy Bird by Cainy393. I have one 'Mario Bird' with only 10 or so changes to the code. Added element is a secret song after the 35th score. Also added sounds in background. Plus the pipe tops and bottoms move the first few seconds for effect. I consider the changes notable gimme puts. Now I am noticing a slew of Forks with assets just colored on and republished in worse shape. Stuff like that makes it hard not to offend, or set apart a valid fork from an invalid one. Lastly these issues make new users confused and makes "hack Forking" a trend among new would be programmers. SOLUTION: I petition a button be added under "Report Game" that says" Hack Fork" When a game is copied and republished without valid code alterations. Please type "YAY" or "NAY" in hopes that the site owner may see this as an opportunity to clean the site.

9 months ago