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Painter Bugs, Feedback, etc Thread

Hello, As you probably know already, Play My Code now has an integrated painting application built into the IDE, which we've nicknamed Painter. This thread is for any bugs, feedback and questions you might have about it. Thanks, Seb

Mon Dec 12, 21:00


Copying a project brings over the asset names created with painter, but not the actual asset. End up with a message stating: "Runtime Error Browser failed to download game images" when trying to run a copied project. //Andy

Tue Dec 13, 14:11


Would also be really useful to see the brush outline rather than the cursor when painting. If you're doing pixel art and zoomed in, then it's a bit of guesswork as to where the brush should be placed. Would probably suggest turning "smooth" off by default too, but that's a personal preference.

Tue Dec 13, 16:21



You should now find project copying now works ok for painter images. Good idea on changing 'smooth' for the eraser, I agree, so it is now off by default.

Tue Dec 13, 16:48


Flippin' heck Joe - that was quick! :) What do you think to the idea of showing a brush outline rather than a cursor though? When zoomed in it's a bit of a pain to determine where to place the cursor - have to count the background squares :(

Tue Dec 13, 20:49


It's a really good idea!

I might have a look into implementing this tomorrow. If it's as straight forward as I believe it is, it might get in soon. The main issue is around performance; when zoomed in that brush outline could get pretty big. If there is a major performance drop, then it won't get included (or maybe disabled in the slowest browser).

Tue Dec 13, 21:19


Thanks for looking into it! ;)

Tue Dec 13, 21:24



How can I access painter? Can't find it.

Wed Dec 14, 17:39


it's in Assets

Go into the IDE, open assets, and you should now see 'new' next to the browse button, and that will create a new image and switch to painter. Inside painter, you can then rename, resize and draw the image. Once saved, it's added to the list of assets. For images you have uploaded or made, you now have an 'edit' button next to them, which opens them up in painter. Again you can rename them, and you can edit them, and save the results.

Wed Dec 14, 18:26


How about a new tab, so you have Play Build [Paint] Docs.... Then it's obvious you can go paint things. Clearly, this would mean a change to how things work, but it would be nice to be able to edit all your assets in one place and have them available to all your projects. Would also be nice if we could create a spritesheet in some way. I.e. Create a sprite and then stamp it down onto a sheet. Maybe then extend the API to have spritesheet management? Sorry - getting carried away again :D

Wed Dec 14, 21:12